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We are entering the next phase in the development of the Internet. The race to build the coolest site is over; the work of proving the Internet has sustainable business value has begun.

We believe that as the Internet advances, it becomes more important for companies to think of their web site as a product, whether its focus is on information, entertainment, or marketing. Like any product, a web site must have a well-defined audience, provide value to its users, and produce a measurable bottom-line benefit for the company that markets it.

This vision is a key principle behind Digital Incite’s work. Supporting this principle is our belief that excellence in concept, message, design and engineering are mandatory components of the successful web site product.

We know how to entertain users, inform them, amuse them, sell to them and motivate them to action. But most importantly, we know how to connect them to your business. As a web development partner, we believe that the best work comes out of a true collaborative relationship: you’ll find that we like sitting on your side of the table, learning what makes your business work, and building this knowledge into what we do for you.

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